The Norzetta team has flexible and scalable solutions for customers, operators and owners of all sizes.  Whether your company has an international footprint of global enterprise scale data centers, or is a growing business trying to establish itself in a new territory, Norzetta has a project delivery model suited for you in the Rjukan Valley – including build-to-suit, ground lease, joint venture or colocation up to 150 MW of solutions per site.  In addition, Norzetta has local operation teams available for any level of service, including design, construction, maintenance and operations .

Site plans, schematic design and renderings are available for review.

Build to Suit

The Norzetta team is available to turnkey your Data Center – regardless of scale. Each site is zoned and ready to go for quick deployment. Whether for 5 MW or 150 MW, members of our team have been intimately involved in design, specification and construction of data centers of all sizes and tier levels.

If time is critical, Norzetta has a 12.5 MW fully entitled and permitted site ready to renovate, including complete schematic design, redundant 2N power supply and an estimated PUE of 1.06.  If your business requires inventorying land for future expansion, we have the flexibility to phase the construction to your needs from 5 MW to 150 MW.

Moreover, the wet and dry bulb conditions at our site can provide some of the most efficient PUE’s in the industry; while the variety and size of our sites allow for the most flexibility.  Being preapproved and zoned and for Data Centers, reduces time to market, while still allowing for complete customization.

Land Development

If you wish to build your own Data Center, the Norzetta team is there to meet your needs, whether you wish to lease raw land or completed pads and mountain halls.  All our sites zoning are preapproved for Data Centers, have redundant power supply for up to 150 MW of total capacity, and redundant fiber.

The Rjukan Næringspark zoning is in place for up to 2 x 150 MW in multiple buildings (between 3-5) single or two story data halls, including approved massing and façade treatments.  The proposed schematic design estimates a PUE as low as 1.06 utilizing a 100% air cooled solution via direct evaporation.

Mountain Hall Development. If security is paramount, the Bruflot Mountain Hall site is fully zoned and ready to go also for up to 150 MW.

The Norzetta design team is available to work on any and all aspects of your site selection, design, specification and on-site construction management to ensure delivery of the most affordable and efficient data center solution for your organization.


The Norzetta team has identified a phased redevelopment of the Rjukan Støp Building for colocation customers. The colocation project will have 2 phases of construction, phase I will be for 2.5 MW of total capacity and phase II will be for an additional 10 MW, for a total 12.5 MW Data Center. The Rjukan Støp Building has redundant fiber, water and 2N electrical infrastructure that is modular in design, thereby allowing scaling from single racks to multi-rack and beyond.

Optional 24 x 7 on-site customer support can be provided through our partners, which currently provide these service in the Rjukan Valley. Customer Support includes smart hands, 24 x 7 access control, move-in services, reporting, shipping/receiving including logging of equipment.

View Rjukan Støp Data center floor plan