Green, Reliable and Affordable

Norzetta is located in Rjukan, Norway, and is the world’s most ideal location for large scale, high density data centers for global enterprise users. By choosing Norzetta’s site in Norway to locate your data center, operators and customers can take advantage of the regions superior climate for natural cooling, direct access to affordable and renewable power, connectivity to Europe and the rest of the world through robust fiber optic networks, and its unprecedented reliability. Norzetta’s site represents the future for the Data Center Industry.


Super Green. Super Clean.

This will be the world’s “greenest” data center.

The Norzetta project site is in the Rjukan Valley of Norway. Located approximately 2 hours from Oslo, Rjukan is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the birthplace of the energy consuming industry for all of Europe.

Rjukan Map

Why Green ?

Adjacent to the power production

Transmission loss is minimized, being immediately adjacent to 6 power plants offering 4.8Terra Watts (annually) of power and connected by three regional and two national power grids.

Industrial redevelopment

This project brings industry back to its birthplace, Europe’s first hydroelectric power plants which were at one time the largest in the world. Rjukan, the world’s birthplace, can again become Europe’s future for energy intensive industry.

100% carbon neutral

Norzetta’s site is 100% hydro power and Norway generates 98.5% of its electric power in hydroelectric power plants with extremely reliable distribution.

Free cooling

Weather conditions allow for a 100% cooled Data Center with outside air through direct evaporation, which via our design will provide a Power Usage Effectivness (PUE) to be one of the most efficient in the Industry at 1.06 for this site.

Most reliable power distribution

Rjukan has the most reliable power network in Norway, and Norway is the most reliable power in Europe. In fact, the grid is so reliable that back-up generators can be value engineered out of a project further enhancing the environmental footprint and CapEx investment.


Predictably Reliable

Power in Norway is the most
reliable and prices are the most
predictable in Europe

In addition to being over 98.5% renewable, the electric distribution system and power costs in Norway are lowest risk for price fluctuations in Europe, as well as the most secure sources of power in Europe.

The electrical transmission grid in Norway has limited interconnection to central Europe which translates into lower long term rates, further magnified by planned increases in supply due to EU Regulations, increasing fuel costs, and increases in CO2 pricing. In fact, forecasts in electricity prices in continental Europe are over 30% higher than Norway.

hydroelectric power plant offers
The site is immediately adjacent to 6 power plants offering (annually) 4.8 Terra Watts of power and is connected by three regional and two national power grids.
Future power price
Increase in fuel prices and CO2 prices results in an increasing power price in the long term.

New nuclear capacity, renewables and lower CO2 prices results in lower power prices in the short to medium term.
Norway’s electric power output


Negative is the New Positive

Low, no or negative distribution costs

The Norzetta project is the most affordable site for large scale data centers due to its unparalleled weather conditions (our evaporative cooling design will achieve PUE of 1.06 at this site, the most efficient in the industry), Long Term affordable power, In Place and Reliable Infrastructure. This is the needle in the haystack for your European Data Center Solution.

Lower Cap Ex

Lower costs of construction due to: in-place water, fiber and power infrastructure (up to 2 x 12 MW in place, with up to 2 x 150 MW available); diesel generators can be optional due to the reliability of power network; and, mechanical cooling is not required due to the weather conditions in Rjukan Valley … all translating to lower capital costs.

Power rates

Norway is estimated to have long term power rates over 30% lower than Europe, and with the enormous over supply of power in Rjukan, our rates are some of the most affordable in Norway

100% evaporative Cooling

100% of the year, makes this site one of the most efficient designs in the industry. PUE is estimated to achieve 1.06 by some of the most experienced mechanical engineers in the Industry.

Productive labor

In close proximity to Norway’s Tech Hub in Kongsberg (including the local technical University), and immediately adjacent to trained available smart hands.